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Proximity and security: the nearest faraway islands


European island, Corsica offers a central location which is a clear advantage in an effort to reduce and rationalize transport times.

Safe destination in the center of the Mediterranean, close to Italy, France and the Iberian Peninsula, its proximity to most major European capitals make it a destination close to everything. Located 1:30 from Paris;  the group left in the morning at 8:00 am may already begin its stay in mid-morning into idyllic landscapes. Corsica is served by four international airports and six ports.

Provided with modern facilities in terms of inland transport (roads and railways), hotel quality (three, four and five stars) and ICT equipment (Internet accessible everywhere, Wifi, widespread GSM networks ...) Corsica also knows how to combine modern comforts and authenticity.


A preserved environment: the most beautiful island in the world.


 Many say it and know it but you have to see it to believe it: Corsica's landscapes are breathtaking and the island is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

With its 1200 km of coastline and 200 peaks over 2000 m this incredible island elegantly blends sea and mountains and offers an exceptional and exceptionally preserved environment.

Few destinations boast of offering a natural environment to provide as part of an event both sea and mountain activities in the same day, places of practices are only a few kilometers apart.

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